Trump Urges South Carolina Voters to Support Their Incumbent Governor McMaster

President Donald Trump returned the favor Monday for one of his earliest supporters, urging South Carolinians to get out and vote for Republican Gov. Henry McMaster so he won’t have to read negative news coverage should McMaster not survive a runoff election.

Trump predicted news reports will say he suffered a “great defeat” or a “humiliating” defeat if McMaster loses Tuesday.

“So please, get your asses out tomorrow and vote,” Trump said, kicking off a rally for a staunch ally in a high school gymnasium in West Columbia, South Carolina.

Trump arrived more than an hour late because poor weather conditions kept Air Force One circling in the air. McMaster was among those waiting on the soggy airport tarmac to greet the president.

Trump said McMaster is a “good man or I wouldn’t be here.”

The rally, however, carries some political risk for Trump if McMaster is defeated by Greenville businessman John Warren in the campaign for the GOP gubernatorial nomination. McMaster received the most votes in a June 12 primary but fell short of the 50 percent needed to win the nomination outright, giving Warren an opening.

Source: Associated Press

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